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G8 – Slot Together Toy

Cover Photo Slot Together Toy

Design Situation: There are many animals classified as endangered, and as such are facing extinction, for reasons including: climate change, loss of habitat or pollution. Raising awareness of global issues is a starting point for driving change. Your challenge is to create a slot together toy that promotes the awareness of an endangered animal.

Statement of Inquiry – Complex systems require high levels of communication

Key Concept – Systems

ATL Skills – Thinking and Self Management

Global Context – Globalizationand sustainability

Assessed Criterion – A B C D

MYP Assessment Rubric for Year 2 & 3 – Design Rubrics Year 3


Presentations and Portfolio Guides: 

  • Criterion A –
  • Criterion B –
  • Criterion C –
  • Criterion D –

Exemplar Portfolios 

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Exemplar Products

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