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G7 – USB Nightlight

USB Nightlight Intro Pic

Design Situation: The nightlight is a welcome addition to a home. These small devices have benefits which will turn your nighttime living environment into a safer, more convenient place. Both young and old will appreciate the easier lifestyle brought about by a nightlight. They are also a great way to illuminate corridors, staircases and communal rooms without disturbing anyone in nearby rooms. Now is the perfect time to start a real life product challenge, to inquire, design, create and test a USB multi-coloured LED Night light.

Statement of Inquiry – Designers innovate materials and products to strengthen scientific findings and adapt environments.

Key Concept – Development

ATL Skills – Thinking, Research and Self-Management

Global Context – Scientific & Technical Innovation

Assessed Criterion – A B C & D

IB MYP Assessment Rubric for Year 2 & 3 – Design Rubrics Year 3


Presentations and Portfolio Guides: 

  • Criterion A –
  • Criterion B –
  • Criterion C –
  • Criterion D –

Exemplar Files 

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Products Examples 

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